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General Magnetic Therapy Questions

What is Magnetic therapy?
Is Magnetic Therapy Safe?
How does magnetic therapy work?
Is there any side effects?
How long have people used magnets to treat pain?

Magnetic Strength and Effectiveness

Is magnetic therapy effective?
"What is gauss and why is it important?
Is gauss rating the only indicator of effectiveness?
Why is strength and depth of penetration important?
What makes our products better?
What determines the effectiveness of magnets?

Product Placement/Usage related Questions

How long will magnets last?
Will magnetic products work for me?
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How do ear magnets work?

What is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic therapy is a safe, non invasive way to treat different conditions that affect the body. Magnetic therapy used properly can provide effective pain relief for a wide variety of conditions, making it an excellent choice for almost anyone. Magnets promote the natural healing process to work more efficiently.

Is magnetic therapy safe?

Yes. Magnetic therapy has been used by millions of people. To this point the world health organization has issued numerous statements that confirm the use of static magnetic fields pose no health risks.

We do not recommend using magnets if you are pregnant, wear a pacemaker, an insulin pump, or other electro stimulative mechanism that may be affected by a magnetic pulse.

How do magnetic therapy products work?

All physical and physiological functions are controlled by electromagnetic fields produced by the movement of electro-chemicals (ions) within the body. When a condition or injury occurs and tissue is damaged, positively charged ions move to the affected area, causing pain and inflammation.

In order for pain and inflammation to be relieved and healing to take place, the electromagnetic fields at the area where the problem exists must be restored to their normal levels.

The application of a magnetic field to the problem area helps restore the electromagnetic fields back to normal levels. The magnetic field promotes increased blood flow. This increases oxygen rich blood to be transferred to the problem area; this allows toxins and acids that surround the area to be dispersed and accelerated pain- relief to take place.

Are there any side effects


How long have people used magnets to treat pain?

Magnets were first used by the Chinese 3-4000 years ago. Many cultures have used magnets to relieve pain and other conditions of the body. The magnets used throughout the ages were nowhere near the strength that we have available today but they were still considered very important to healing throughout the ages, higher grade materials have led to a wide range of new and improved applications. Currently compiled data would suggest as many as 200 million users worldwide.

Many clinical studies around the world have shown that magnetic therapy can be an effective method for relieving pain and discomfort. Many countries have conducted hundreds of studies and researchers continue to find that used properly magnetic therapy provides huge benefits for a wide range of conditions. Many physicians across the USA are using magnetic therapy products in their practices and have reported excellent results with their patients.

Is magnetic therapy effective?

Most experts in the field feel that magnets will help 8 out of 10 people when used properly.

Knowing how to accomplish this level of effectiveness is not easy. The real problem is finding the right products, biomagnetics is a complex science and most people have been exposed to a lot of misinformation.

RMM has taken the guess work out of finding the highest grade products that are most effective when used properly. We are available to provide you with insight and customer support that is guaranteed to get you the best results.

What is Gauss and why is it important?

The magnets “gauss rating is the amount of magnetic strength at the center or core of the material. Magnets are made from different materials for different purposes. Because magnets are made from different materials the gauss rating goes up with the quality of the manufacturing materials used.

There are three basic types of magnets used for magnetic therapy:

  • 1. Flexible rubber magnets-commonly referred to as “refrigerator magnets”the magnets used in magnetic therapy are much stronger and thicker.
  • 2. Ceramic magnets-are made with compounds containing strontium carbonate and ferric oxide powder. Ceramic magnets are available in 2300 gauss, 3800 gauss, and 3950 gauss.
  • 3. Neodymium magnets- this is the strongest type of magnet. It blends rare earth elements Neodymium, with Iron and Boron. Commercial Neodymium magnets are typically 10800 gauss up to 12800 gauss.

Is gauss rating the only indicator of effectiveness?

No. Size is important. Larger magnets have more surface mass, which means they store a greater amount of magnetic energy. In treating certain conditions it is more effective to use a magnet of this style for best results.

Manufacturer’s gauss rating alone is not an indication of how effective a magnet will be. You must know the manufacturers gauss rating and the size of the magnet to get an accurate picture.

Why is strength and depth of penetration important?

It is very important. Penetration depth is the measurement of the distance that the magnetic field can effectively penetrate. This number can be very misleading because most companies do not know what depth a magnet loses its ability to be “effective”.

Penetration depth refers to how far the magnetic field is able to get into your body. It varies by size and strength of your magnet.

Many companies make up these numbers so that their products look stronger than their competitors. This is normally a desperate attempt to sell products that simply do not work and are a waste of the consumer’s money.

What makes our products better?

It starts with a sincere desire to help people get well and enjoy day to day life more. Our product variety and expertise are unequaled in the industry. Experience we have been in the magnetic therapy business since 1991. We have done the hard work and have tested our products and guarantee the quality and strength of all products we offer.

What determines the effectiveness of magnets?

To be effective, a product must create a magnetic field strong enough to completely penetrate the affected area at a therapeutic level.

Four factors are used to determine the effective penetration depth (how deep the magnet will reach) of a products magnetic field:

  • 1. The size of the magnets.
  • 2. The number of magnets used.
  • 3. The polarity exposed to the body.
  • 4. The gauss rating

How long will magnets last?

Our magnets are guaranteed to keep their strength for 10 years.